Privacy policy

You can modify, download or delete your account data whenever you want. Or ask us to do it for you. And the same to stop receiving commercial emails. All the data we collect is to improve the activity of the web, advise our clients and invoice the products we sell.

When you contact us to receive information about our products and services, you are giving us information such as your name or email and sometimes your telephone number. When you buy, obviously, you are also giving us your contact information and ID / CIF if you wish to reflect it on the invoice.

This information will NEVER be used for anything other than providing the service you request.

When you connect to our website, the system automatically detects data such as what browser and system you use, the pages you visit on our website, the time you spend or where you connect from.

This data is anonymous and aggregated. We know what people do on our website but we don’t know who does what.

This information is used solely to improve the performance of the page.

When you subscribe to our newsletter, blog comments or other means of commercial communication.

We will notify you to confirm your subscription and you can unsubscribe as soon as you want without any problem. We are not a telephone company.

Understand that we don’t want to bore people or “waste” marketing resources on people who are not interested in our products and services.

In this privacy statement we explain what personal data we collect from users and how we use it. We encourage you to read these terms carefully before providing your personal data on this website.

We also warn you that this Privacy Policy could vary depending on legislative or self-regulation requirements, so we advise you to visit it periodically.

We have adapted this website to the requirements of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, known as the Development Regulation of the LOPD. It also complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons (RGPD), as well as with Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI).

Responsible for the treatment of your personal data

CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L is a company specialized in the wholesale trade of hides and skins.

CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L with CIF: ESB97317473. Registered on 03/26/2003, it is a company domiciled for the purposes of this information in VALENCIA and is currently in charge of the operation, management and operation of the website You can consult other information by contacting us at our email:

You can contact us at the email

We process the information that our clients provide us in order to:

  • Process the shipment of the purchase.
  • Make the billing of the same.
  • Manage communications of an informative and commercial nature,
  • Intellecyual and industrial property

All distinctive signs, trademarks, trade names, contents, structure, design and presentation of the elements and any other information that appears on this website are the property of CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L and are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights.

The user is prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating and, in general, any other form of exploitation of the elements referred to in the previous section without the express authorization of CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L

The user will refrain from using means that can suppress, alter, evade or manipulate any protection devices or security systems that may be installed and that carry a risk, damage or disable the website and / or its contents.

CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L is not responsible for the possible inappropriate use that third parties make of this website, or for the information that they transmit to third parties through it. The contents provided through this website are merely informative, so the use that the user may make of them and the eventual consequences, damages or losses that may arise, are the sole responsibility of the user.

CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L (Modificar errata) is excluded for damages of any kind caused to users by the use of links, directories and search tools, which allow users to access websites owned and / or managed by third parties as well as well as the presence of viruses or other malicious codes in the contents that may cause any type of damage to the computer system, electronic documents or user files.

CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L reserves the right to exercise the legal actions it deems appropriate derived from any illicit uses by third parties of the contents of its website.


This Privacy Policy applies to all products offered by CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L. We refer to those products collectively as “products” in this policy.

References to “data” in this Privacy Policy will be related to the data that you give us through the purchase form, subscription to notifications, sending emails requesting information, etc. All this information is yours and CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L only acts as custodian to provide you with a better service and shopping experience.

The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation.

You have the right to obtain confirmation about whether CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L is treating your personal data, therefore you have the right to access them, rectify inaccurate data or request its deletion when you consider that it is no longer necessary.

For this you can send a written communication to the registered office of CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L or to the email address including in both cases a photocopy of your ID or other similar identification document, to request the exercise of the following rights:

Right to request access to personal data: you can ask CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L about all your data.

Right to request their rectification (in case they are incorrect) or deletion.

Right to request the limitation of their treatment, in which case they will only be kept by CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L for the exercise or defense of claims.

Right to oppose the treatment: CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L (PONER EN NEGRITA) will stop treating the data in the way you indicate, unless for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims they have to continue treating.

Information we collect


You are the owner of an account within the CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L website from which you make your purchases and manage your invoices and orders.

You may also not have made a purchase yet, but you have subscribed to our newsletter or have requested information about a product through the contact form on the web or directly to our information email.

Website visitor

You are visiting our store or blog out of curiosity

Information we collect about you

Contact information.

Name and email. You may provide us with your contact information through your account, a form on our website, an interaction with our customer service team, or a response to an interaction on our social networks.

Usage information

We collect data about your usage when you interact with our website. This may include the web pages you visit, the links you click, language preferences, information display, etc.

Device and browser data

The information of the device and the application that you use to access our website is also recorded. Among the stored data is the IP address, the version of the operating system, type of device, information on the system and its performance, and the type of browser. If you are logging in from a mobile device, we will also collect the universal unique identifier for that device.

Page tag information

We use third-party tracking services using cookies and page tags to collect data about visitors to our web pages. This data includes usage and user statistics.

The email messages sent by CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L or through our services such as sending commercial emails include page labels that allow us to collect information about the percentage of openings, the links that have been clicked, etc. You can find all this information in the cookies section.

Registration data

Our servers save information about each connection. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including source IP addresses, Internet service providers, files viewed on our page (e.g. HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, device type, and time stamps.

Information that they have referred us

How you get to our website is also recorded, either organically (search engine) or from an external link, for example another website or email.

Information about third parties and integration partners

We collect your personal information or data from third parties only if you authorize the third parties to share your information with us or when you have made that information public online.

If, in addition to being a visitor, you are a client, we collect the following information:

Registration information

To make a purchase at CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L you can choose to register as a customer or not and buy as a guest. In the event that you decide to register as a customer by creating an account from which to manage your orders, addresses and invoices, in addition to the information corresponding to billing and shipping, you must provide your name, surname, email address and a valid password.

Billing information

If you make a payment to CARMEN CHRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L), we will ask you to provide your billing details, such as name, address, telephone number, ID or CIF (optional) and the financial information corresponding to the payment method you choose (eg, a credit card number and expiration date or a bank account number). If you provide a billing address, we will consider that to be the location of the account holder.

Account settings

You can configure preferences and personal data at any time from your customer account. For example address, email, etc. Or register and / or unsubscribe from our commercial communication bulletin.

Form / application data

We store the data of your interactions with CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L in order to provide a better service (customer service) or to manage incidents (guarantee and return service).

How do we use the infromation we collect?

1.- Clients

We process your personal information in the following categories of data to fulfill our legitimate interests, which are described in this privacy policy.

We are committed to applying limitations to each of these uses so that your privacy is respected and only the information necessary to achieve these legitimate purposes is used. Our main goal is to improve and make our services and messages relevant to all users, while ensuring that their personal information is respected and protected.

Cookies (to include page tags)

We collect information through cookies when you visit our website. These cookies are used to guarantee the full functionality of our service in order for the website to function optimally. For more information, you can review our section dedicated entirely to cookies.

In most cases, after making a purchase or contacting customer service from a web form, you will be redirected to our web page and treated as a visitor so it is possible that they will be used. other cookies, only as a visitor.

Contact information

As a customer, the information you provide us will be used in order to manage your order, shipping and billing. All information will be kept in our registry for the management of future incidents. You can also receive information via email or telephone related to your order. At no time will commercial information be sent unless you have subscribed to our commercial newsletter.

Device and browser data

We use device data to manage technical problems and / or improve our services and infer your geographic location from your IP address.

Registration data

We use registration data for different business purposes for the following:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Improve our content and / or make recommendations.
  • Track the behaviour of our customers and visitors anonymously to identify and understand trends in interactions on our website.
  • Correct errors and solve problems related to the functionality of the website.

Third parties and integrations

We will collect and use information from third parties and integration partners to improve the experience and offer of our website.

Machine learning

We will use machine learning techniques on response data, metadata (as described above), and cookie data in order to improve our services.

  • To administer our service, we will also use your information and data internally for the following limited purposes:
  • Enforce our agreements when appropriate.
  • Prevent potentially illegal activities.
  • Filter and prevent unwanted or abusive activities. For example, we have automated systems that filter screen content to detect phishing, spam, and fraud.
  • Legal uses

To respond to legal requests or prevent fraud, we may need to disclose information or data that we hold about you. If we receive a subpoena or court order, we may need to inspect the data we have to determine how to respond.

2.- Visitors

We process personal data when you give your consent by accepting our privacy policies.

CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L has legitimate interests to:

  • Improve the shopping experience.
  • Develop new interesting offers and promotions for our clients.

Once you give us consent, we will process and use the following information:

contact information

We use the contact information to answer your questions via email or phone as part of our customer service. Also commercial information, as long as you have registered for our newsletter (or newsletter) and as long as you do not cancel your subscription.


We collect information through cookies when you visit our website. These cookies are used to determine the impact of our advertising campaigns and marketing actions. Tags are also used to know the behavior of the visitor, for example which page has ended with the contact with our customer service. The only objective is to measure the performance of the messages and how to improve our messages. For more information, you can review our section dedicated entirely to cookies.

  • How do you use our services
  • We use the information about your interaction with our website to improve services to all users.
  • The data collected is also used to:


We combine the information provided by third-party sources and that of your interaction with the web to create a user profile, which helps us offer more interesting products, promotions or other marketing initiatives as well as improve the user experience.

Machine learning

We use machine learning techniques with certain data in order to optimize our marketing campaigns.

We are committed to applying limitations to each of these uses so that your privacy is respected and only the information necessary to achieve the legitimate purposes of the web is used. Our objective is to optimize our advertising and marketing messages so that they are adapted to what our clients want and seek without compromising their privacy in any way.

Device data

The data of the devices from which our website is accessed are used to improve and optimize our service and make improvements to it. We also infer your geographic location from your IP address. This information is used to analyze the profile of our customers and to offer a better shopping experience.

Registration data

We use registration data for different business purposes for the following:

  • Monitor abuses and fix problems.
  • Track your preferences and offer of new products and promotions or make personalized recommendations.
  • Track aggregate / anonymous behavior to identify and understand trends in different interactions with the website.
  • Correct errors and solve problems related to the functionality of the products.
  • We use information that you have referred to us to track the success of our integrations and referral processes.
  • To manage our services.

We use your information and data internally for the following limited purposes:

  • Enforce our agreements when appropriate.
  • Prevent illegal activities and / or fraud
  • Filter and prevent unwanted or abusive activities
  • Legal uses

In the event that a subpoena or police order is presented and always with the objective of responding to legal requests and / or preventing fraud, we may need to disclose information or data about you. It also includes inspecting the data we have to determine how to respond.

The information you share

Some of our pages, for example in the CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L blog, there are buttons that allow you to share articles or some products.

Remember that when you share information publicly, for example through your social networks, search engines can index it.

Through our services we offer you different options to share and remove content, but we cannot remove content from search engines. Therefore, we recommend that you share information responsibly.

The information we share: Partners and Integrations

We do not share your information or your data with third parties external to CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L, except in the following limited cases.

In order to offer a better shopping experience, we turn to trusted partners; In particular, we contract the services of third parties for the following:

  • Help clients make credit card payments.
  • Analyze and extract information from interactions with our marketing campaigns.
  • Track the conversion success metrics of our website.
  • Manage our sales and customer service services.

We enter into confidentiality and data processing agreements with our partners to ensure they adhere to the highest levels of confidentiality and best practice privacy and security standards, and we review these standards and practices periodically.

In addition, we must share information or data for the following purposes:

  • The pro of compliance with the law.
  • To enforce compliance with policies, including investigation of potential violations.
  • To detect, prevent or address technical, fraud or security issues.

To protect the rights, property or safety of our users, the general public or CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L from any damage or as required or permitted by law.

To manufacturers, technical services and / or wholesalers in the case of warranties or repairs.

These recipients can be located within the Spanish territory or outside it, depending on the product and / or service purchased.


CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO SL undertakes to use the data, to respect its confidentiality and to use it in accordance with the purpose thereof, as well as to comply with its obligation to save it and adapt all measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data .

You guarantee that the personal data provided through the forms are true, being obliged to communicate any changes to them. Likewise, you guarantee that all the information provided corresponds to your real situation, that it is up-to-date and accurate.

In addition, you must keep your data updated at all times, being solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided and for the damages that may be caused by this to CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L or to third parties.

Security breaches

At CARMEN CHIRVELLA NAVARRO S.L we adopt reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of viruses, brute force attacks and code injections. However, you must be aware that the security measures of computer systems on the Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore, CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in computer systems and in the files contained therein.

In case of detecting any breach, CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L undertakes to inform users within a maximum period of 72 hours.

Data retention

If you are the owner of an account on our website, from CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L we will not delete the data from your account.

The term of conservation of this data is under your sole responsibility and control. There are controls in your account that allow you to delete all the data that you have entered into it.

Only data related to billing will be saved as indicated by current legislation.

Minor’s safety

CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L does not collect data from people under fourteen years of age through its website. In the event that a person under the age of fourteen provides their data through the forms provided for this purpose on our website or in any other channel for collecting them, they will be immediately destroyed at the same time that they are aware of such a circumstance.

Changes to our privacy policy

CARMEN CHIRIVELLA NAVARRO S.L reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy without prior notice to keep it adapted to current legislation on data protection. In this case, it will announce the changes introduced on this website so that they can be known by the user.

Personalized Marketing

You can unsubscribe from any marketing content on your account, and we will provide you with options to do so in all direct marketing emails.

Finally, if you do not want to see personalized marketing content on the Internet in relation to our service, you can delete cookies in your browser settings.

About cookies:

99.99% of the websites use “cookies”, which are mini-programs that your browser saves and they help the website work better.

The “cookie” remembers what is in your cart, if you have logged in, what files (such as photos or pages) should be downloaded to make browsing faster, etc.

The cookie on our page makes browsing faster and more comfortable.

In addition to this, we have the Google Analytics “cookie”, which gives us information about your behavior on our website.

Everything is anonymous, we do not know who you are or anything about you or anyone in particular. They are aggregated data, of the type: 1000 people have entered, they have been on average 3 minutes, they have seen these products, 23% of your visitors live in Madrid and a lot of other things of this kind.

Here you have all the information about the services offered by Google Analytics.

That same “cookie” is the one used to show you our ads when you browse other websites with spaces for Adsense.

Finally, there is a “cookie” to make the wish list work and some other service on the web.