Caimán Fuscus Barriga-Belly Any plain color

From: 154,50 VAT Inc.

Skin finished in any color following specifications of the client, without limit based in quantity, date of service 10 days after receiving the client’s sample. 

Crocodilus fuscus alligator’s skin, common name “babilla”, skin included in CITES, original from Colombia, normally used for; shoes, bags, belts, leather goods.

Volume discounts
from 6 to 9 skins: 3 % of discount.
from 10 skins: 6% of discount.


About the skin

Caiman Crocodilus Fuscus skin, common name “babilla”, skin included in CITES, original from Colombia. Normally used for; shoes, bags, belts and leather goods.

Technical features


  • Measures: 30/38 cm.
  • Thickness: 0.6 – 1 mm
  • Qualities I y II
  • Degree of skin stiffness:  Normal


  • Skin included in CITES.
  • Price per skin IVA included.

Additional information

Measure in the middle and widest part of the skin

Talla 30, Talla 31, Talla 32, Talla 33, Talla 34, Talla 35, Talla 36, Talla 37, Talla 38, Talla 39